Capstone  [kap-stohn]

1. a finishing stone of a structure

2. a crowning achievement, point, element, or event


Capstone is an equestrian training program based out of Bend, OR that provides goal centered education and training to horses and riders of all levels.


At Capstone we believe in a well rounded program of flatwork, gymnastics, course work and even some trail days to help you and your horse achieve your best.  We believe in setting goals, in training both you and your horse to be confident in whatever you do and most of all in developing your partnership with your equine athlete. 

Lindsey and Tara work with facility manager Deb Kline, and assistant trainer Haley Hodgert, as well as our vets and farriers to ensure each horse and rider receives our full attention and care, and that the horses are kept at their best, their healthiest and their happiest. 


"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"



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Capstone Equestrian LLC

18720 Bull Springs Rd Bend OR 97703

Lindsey (541)610-4173

Tara (503)702-0880

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